Gordon ramsay hell’s kitchen


Gordon Ramsay: Hells Kitchen is the latest video game from the hit production studio, The Saints development team. The game is set to be launched this fall, and is a virtual adaptation of the highly acclaimed Hellsing series of anime films. I'll start by saying that I'm a big fan of both the anime series Hellsing and the video games based on the series. I was excited to check out the new game in hopes of getting the same intense feeling that I got when playing the original Hellsing game back in 2021. Unfortunately, despite my high expectations, Hellsing is not as good as the original.

For one, the storyline is extremely lacking compared to Hellsing. I felt that the cutscenes did not flow well, and it seemed like they were poorly done. Aside from that, the overall animation quality of the game is very poor. The character models are quite bland, and you will often times see the same model being used again, which can get really boring.

On the other hand, the graphics and sound effects are top notch. The effects are realistic and fun to look at. The overall picture is cleanly done with a nice color scheme. As for the game itself, I didn't have too much of a problem with it. I finished up the story in about forty-five minutes or so, using less than five minutes of actual play time. So overall, I give the game a positive rating, but not as high as I would have liked.