Fruit shop megaways


Fruit shop Megaway Casino Game is a highly addictive online slot machine game. Play Fruit Shop Megaways for FREE! The sunny sky and cheerful green grass that surround the reels of this Fruit Shop Megaways free slot game sits proudly above the bright blue awning of their website, and a fresh, fruity assortment of juicy fruit hangs in abundance down below. This site is dedicated to bringing players the best free casino game slots available and offers players the chance to play against others online in one of their favorite slots game genres. The familiar logo of a casino game can be seen on the awning as well as its colorful graphic designs, giving players a visual idea about the flamboyant colorful casino game they're about to play.

The fruit shop mega hit is a direct spawn from the popular fruit shop game that originally appeared in the mid-nineties in arcade games. The fruit shop game involves a simple slot machine that requires a player to place coins into an inside slot to gain bonus points. Once a player wins a jackpot, that bonus points is doubled giving them free spins on this slot machine. Players can switch between the regular fruit machine and the bonus slot machine at anytime by simply clicking on the “switch” button on the awning above. There are many variations of this particular slot machine game, including variations based on different fruit toppings, different colored wheels that can be used to spin the jackpot, and even bonus rounds that require a player to match a number with a certain color or shape to win additional money upon each win.

The fruit shop megaways virtual reels feature an enhanced version of the regular slot features. One is able to choose from a variety of randomly selected bonus options that are spread out across the two main reels. One may prefer to play on the wild symbol slot features to increase the odds of winning a large amount of money. Alternatively, you may wish to focus on the lotto style wild symbol combinations with the numbers that appear on the symbols. There are also a few bonus rounds that can be played in this feature as well. The best way to decide on whether or not these particular slot features will appeal to you is to test them out when you first download the software.