Druids’ dream


Druids Dream is yet another Celtic themed video slot from Net Entertainment. It is also the follow up to, which the top slot machine game company released some years back. In Druids Dream, you take on the role as the leader of the Druids, a group of Celtic warriors and fighters who protect the well being of humans, the land, and of the animal world. The graphics and the sound effects used are quite well done, and in many cases they are comparable to those seen on other online slot machines. You take on the role of defending the humans, while at the same time protecting the well being of the animals and plants. As you do this, you earn coins, points, and sometimes even gifts.

One thing that I did not like about this particular version of druids dream, is that there are only two decks to play with, and that the slots are the same as the other versions. The real money mode is basically the same, with the exception that you are able to move from slot to slot by pressing the space bar. That does make playing this particular slot machine more challenging, but it is not really worth the challenge when you have plenty of other things to do on the casino slots at home.

This version of the game is part of the “Revenge of the Stick” collection of casino games, and as such, does not really give you anything new to play, except maybe for the option to play with druids as the game's characters. On the other hand, the graphics are pretty good considering that this is still a PC game. All in all, this game is fun, and despite the lack of challenge as compared to other versions of the game on the net, is still fun to play. I would recommend it to a younger person who wants to learn more about playing online slots, but who also still wants to have a bit of a challenge in the process.