Cash-O-Matic, also known as the Quick Slugger is a Video slot machine that features a simple, yet effective design. Compared to many other slot machines on the market today, this particular machine doesn't have a lot of fancy graphics or sounds. Instead, the only thing that Cash-O-Matic offers is an aggressive theme that may remind one of claw hammers from the Jungle movie. This particular machine also features what is known as “mutation”, which means that the reels will randomly pick up tails and heads from the playing area. Unlike other video slots, there aren't usually standard paylines associated with the reels; instead, you'll find yourself utilizing other methods of betting through the machine.

One of the greatest differences between this machine and others that offer payline action is its unique ability to feature what is called an “avalanche” feature. The “avalanche” is a special type of bonus game where a jackpot will suddenly be added to the playing table upon the completion of one single bet. The sudden addition of money to the playing line comes from the random draw of the playing hands. Although the casino staff isn't sure how this feature operates, they have provided a handful of different theories, none of which are completely accurate. Cash-O-Matic gamblers, who have been using this slot for quite some time now, have come up with a theory which explains how this feature works:

Basically, the Cash-O-Matic video slot games machine has a random number generator (RNG) that draws random combinations for the reels in each game. In each game that is run, five to seven randomly selected combinations are chosen to be put on the playing reel. The casino staffers describe this as an “avalanche” because, after paying out their winnings, the winning combinations are announced one at a time, one by one, right before the winning combination is chosen in a random draw that occurs in that particular game. After the winning combination is announced, all the cashier has to do is to swipe her card reader and gain access to her “rainy day” bonus.