Gambling Company Expands Into E-Sports Betting Business

The US gaming company Scientific Games has entered into a partnership with the e-sports betting data provider GameScorekeeper. The company announced this on Tuesday. Working with GameScorekeeper is designed to enable Scientific Games to penetrate the rapidly growing e-sports betting market. The Danish esports data investigator was founded in 2016 and offers its customers historical values ​​and live values ​​that can help with the analysis and creation of betting events.


A controversial E-Sports Betting

Betting on single e-sports and tournaments are not without controversy. Online bookmakers already offer a substantial portfolio of e-sports bets in Germany, but regulation is still complicated. In the United States, where the betting market is becoming increasingly liberalized, some states have even taken a clear stand against legalizing e-sports betting.

Critics fear that esports are particularly vulnerable to betting fraud and difficult to control.


An investment in the future?

For Scientific Games, one of the world's leading developers of entertainment and gaming software, the cooperation with GameScorekeeper could prove to be a forward-looking step.

The gaming provider wants to acquire live data from the Danes on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) League of Legends (LoL) and Dota2 in order to make them usable for their own gaming products and to provide partner companies can.

Keith O’Loughlin, vice president of digital sports betting at Scientific Games, established the collaboration with the growing popularity of esports:

“E-sports are becoming more popular every day. We are excited to partner with GameScorekeeper to provide our partners with reliable live game data for the types of esports that players and viewers love. In e-sports, data is king and both players and the audience need an optimized flow of information in real time. By partnering with GameScorekeeper, we can offer this world-class experience. ”

An innovative investment in the expanding e-sports market could come at the right time for Scientific Games. In the past few years, the group had unsettled its investors with unsatisfactory figures. Since May 2018, the company's share value has even dropped by almost half.

The next few months could show how Scientific Games will perform in the esports segment.


E-sports Betting: Scientific Games enters the Turkish gaming market


On Thursday, the US Scientific Games Corporation announced in a press release that it had started working with the state-owned Turkish gaming company Şans Dijital in the joint new joint venture company Şans Girişim.

Gambling developer Scientific Games will now provide 5,000 new land-based betting terminals and six legal online sports betting platforms under the name OpenSports ™. The company will also make its products and software solutions available to national lotteries.


A complicated legal situation

At first glance, the business decision of a gaming company like Scientific Games to take root in Turkey could be irritating. After all, gambling is illegal throughout Turkey.

However, if one looks at the relevant paragraphs of the Turkish legal code, one finds that the question of the legality or illegality of gambling is to be regarded as a linguistic matter.

The Turkish legal texts distinguish between “Kumar” (in German: gambling) and “Şans Oyunları” (in German also: gambling). The “Kumar” is without exception illegal in Turkey. “Şans Oyunları”, however, can be legal under official licensing. The more precise definitions are vague at first. “Kumar” is defined in the Turkish Penal Code as a form of play in which profit and loss are based on chance / luck. Roulette, slot machines and poker are specifically mentioned.

“Şans Oyunları”, on the other hand, are defined within the Turkish “Gambling Act” (literally: rules on licensing and control of gambling). According to the definition there, games in which a cash win can be achieved, including lottery, number games and instant competitions, count as “Şans Oyunları”. Because the words “luck” and “coincidence” are not used in the definition, the “Şans Oyunları”, provided that they are regulated by the officially responsible authorities, are legal by law.

The nationwide very popular sports betting is also legal and regulated in Turkey. While these betting offers will officially remain in the hands of the state, working with such a well-known American gaming company as Scientific Games could be an interesting start for Turkey into an even more complex and changeable gaming future. It remains to be seen whether the new joint venture Şans Girişim will actually advance the Turkish sports betting and lottery market and thus bring in more taxpayers' money.

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